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LEPH2016 – The Third International Conference on Law Enforcement & Public Health

2 octobre 2016 - 5 octobre 2016

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais.

leph2016LEPH2016 is a conference to establish and investigate the partnership between law enforcement and public health in addressing complex social problems. LEPH2016 moves the discussion from Description (LEPH2012) and Analysis (LEPH2014) to Action (LEPH2016). The Conference Program will be heavily weighted towards promoting collaborative action – in practice, research, policy development and in the integration of these three elements.

LEPH2016 is a ‘must attend’ conference addressing these and many other questions. It is a conference for anyone concerned with enhancing their research, policy development or practice in public health, law enforcement and related fields. Amongst other issues, LEPH2016 will examine:

  • Why is the obvious intersection of law enforcement (especially police) and public health so inadequately recognised and poorly understood?
  • Why is the marginalisation of certain populations the enemy of security and health?
  • Can inclusive policing really work to overcome marginalisation?
  • What actually works ‘on the ground’ and in practice?
  • Can you help build police-public health partnerships that are effective, accountable and inclusive?

Join your colleagues at LEPH2016 in examining:

  • The way local, national and international political and institutional leadership can be enhanced
  • How sustainable partnerships can be developed
  • The translation of research to policy to practice can be achieved
  • The critical role of education and training is critical
  • Why a multidisciplinary research agenda is needed and how it can be developed.

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2 octobre 2016
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5 octobre 2016
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