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CONSTELLATIONS: An Online Festival on Drugs and Harm Reduction.

16 novembre - 24 novembre

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For more than 30 years, Harm Reduction International have brought you the Harm Reduction International Conference, the main global forum for the exchange of information at the intersection of human rights, public health and drug policy; a place for the international harm reduction community to gather and connect.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we cannot safely gather in person for some time but our need to connect with our community is as strong as ever. And so we bring you:

CONSTELLATIONS: An Online Festival on Drugs and Harm Reduction.

Save the date! 16-24 November 2021.

Through panels, interviews, town halls, poetry readings, art and music, we will bring a new way for our community to gather and connect, to explore innovative solutions, to have urgent conversations and to redefine what harm reduction is and what it can be.

The three key themes of CONSTELLATIONS will be SCIENCE, JUSTICE and PLEASURE. In addition to exploring innovative responses to HIV, hepatitis, overdose and OAT, key topics of CONSTELLATIONS will include racial justice, civil liberties, freedom and bodily autonomy, exploration of consciousness, and enjoyment.

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16 novembre
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24 novembre
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