How can EU countries be prepared and equipped for a continued rise in Synthetic Opioids prevalence, use and incidents? (SO-PREP project)

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In the search of answers to Europe’s level of preparedness for a possible Synthetic Opioids (SO) crisis, the SO-PREP project has excitedly started launching publications.

The two reports that are shared, were coordinated by the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). They intend to support SO health preparedness policies, more specifically, to contribute to better prepared and equipped health systems capacities to detect, assess and respond to cross-border health threats responding to the possible increases in prevalence and use of SO and related risks and harms.

The first report, EU good practices of generic health emergency preparedness protocols, provides an Inventory of existing practices of national health emergency responses to public health threats EU-wide, and identifies mechanisms that may be applicable to synthetic opioid preparedness.

The second report, Good practices of SO preparedness in the EU and needs and challenges, provides an overview of synthetic opioid preparedness protocols and strategies of different EU Member States and to identify needs and challenges across the EU.

WP3 D3.1 EU good practices of generic health emergency preparedness protocols

WP3 D3.2 Good practices of synthetic opioid preparedness, and needs and challenges in EU Member States

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