The Alternative World Drug Report, 2nd edition

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais.

AWDR-2nd-editionIn April, the world will come together at the UN to discuss the future of international drug policy. It will be the first time that far-reaching drug policy reforms are meaningfully discussed at such a high level.

But while the UN can play a key role in bringing about change, for more than half a century it has maintained and legitimised a system that produces disastrous costs.

It is a tragic irony that the institution founded after the Second World War to uphold global peace has waged an unwinnable drug war for so long.

The « three pillars » upon which all of the UN’s work is meant to be based are peace and security, development, and human rights. But by pursuing an approach to drugs that creates violence, conflict and insecurity, the UN is fatally undermining its own work.

For the side of the story that the UN doesn’t want you to know about, read the new, second edition of the Alternative World Drug Report.

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