Univers Santé


Univers Santé develops educational activities to health education, prevention and health promotion for young and student life.

Universe Health works in partnership with young audiences, field actors and associations, teachers, healthcare professionals.

The main approach is the promotion of health, in addition, a number of different themes are addressed: food, addictions, emotional and sexual life, mental health, daily life, health, stress, … Treated through training , information, harm reduction, prevention, …


Univers Santé asbl
Place Galilée, 6
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Tel.: 010/47 28 28
Fax : 010/47 26 00

Le Passage, gebouw « Mémé »
Rue Martin V, 28
1200 Brussels
Tél.: 02/764 43 34

E-mail : univers-sante(@)uclouvain.be
Website : http://www.univers-sante.be