Historically, Eurotox ASBL, established in 1990, was born of a collaboration between three active associations in the French Community and the Brussels Capital Region in different areas related to drug use (Infor-Drogue, Modus Vivendi, Prospective Jeunesse).. It was born from the will of these associations and the need to fill them have a thorough knowledge of the “drugs” phenomenon and indicators and tools to guide practice.

Since 2013, the General Assembly of Eurotox ASBL has expanded in order to benefit from the most widely of varied expertise of people whose work touches near or far field of drug use and addiction, in order to enrich the reflection, to improve contacts with local players and other observatories, and better meet the needs of the sector. The General Assembly is now composed of twenty members from various fields related to drug use (mental health, medical homes, Health Promotion Centre Local, observatories, Alto Network of Scientific Society General Medicine, PMS center, strategic plans for security and prevention, police, etc.).

The ASBL Eurotox has as corporate purpose of improving knowledge of the phenomenon of the use of legal and illegal drugs. In this context, the association can realize study and research projects in the field of addictions, including the operation and the possible dissemination of its work. It can perform any operation relating directly or indirectly to its object. It can also coordinate and promote synergy between all the associations that have a similar object and / or are aiming to achieve their purpose.

The association Eurotox impulse and conducts research projects, reflection days, and since 2000 fulfills the socio-epidemiological Observatory function for Alcohol and Drugs in Wallonia and Brussels regio and the mission of Assistant focal point of the REITOX network (European Information Network on drugs and Drug Addiction) in Wallonia-Brussels, the European Monitoring Centre for drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).


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