Centre Médical Projet Lama

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The Medical Centre Projet Lama offers every drug user who knocks on her door, a thorough review of its overall situation: social, psychological, medical. This is to define a support method adapted to each particular situation, or in one of the sites of its center (multidisciplinary outpatient follow, substitution treatment), or to a more suitable structure (hospital, aftercare center , day center …).
Pharmacological treatment can begin the same day of the first contact, if necessary.

The LAMA’s approach is based on respect for the individual, the support of his autonomy, responsibility and citizenship.

It also offers information-awareness modules to the problems related to drug use (to non-specialist stakeholders) as well as continued training benefiting from the recognition of accreditation (for the attention of medical and players paramedics).


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Rue Américaine, 211-213
1050 Brussels
Phone : 02/640 50 20
Fax : 02/648 80 68
Mail : info(@)projetlama.be
Website : http://www.projetlama.be/