The teams of Addictions, active in the European hospital Saint-Michel and the university hospital Saint-Luc, take care of the shelter and intake of addicted patients in the hospital. They form the caregiving staff and surround the patients that use drugs, alcohol and/or medication and are in the hospital. They also provide consultations to support the users and treat the problems that have to do with their intake, leaving the hospital and other problems, like their health, their family, their social life, …

Saint-Michel is meant to serve as an interface between the network of ambulatory care and the psychiatric department of the Hospital of Europe department Saint-Michel, specialized in the approach of addictions. Their specialty lies in the approach of “severe” patients, in terms of addiction, or of level of severe psychiatric problems. The team also has consultations to support and guide users in their journey (looking for work, shelter, social welfare, …) or to support their families if they call for help.

Saint-Luc is a 24h crisis shelter for all addicted patients in immediate need of care, for physical problems, psychological problems, or social ones (agitation, delirium, difficulty dealing with stress, …).


Addictions vzw
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Europa Saint Michel :
Linthoutstraat, 150
1040 Brussels
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Saint Luc :
Hippokrateslaan, 10
1200 Brussels
Tel. : 02 / 764 21 21
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