The Civil Society-led Monitoring of Harm Reduction in Europe 2020

Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network just released his second civil society-led monitoring of harm reduction report. With more than one hundred contributors and Focal Points from 34 European countries (including Belgium) involved, the report aims to make a necessary and useful contribution to the development of drug policy in the region.

Compared to 2019’s report, the information provided in 2020, brings to the forefront of the situation in particular cities or regions showing the experiences of harm reduction providers on the ground. Correlation also bring direct perspectives of people who use drugs. This significant approach will hopefully provide an understanding of the successes and challenges of drug policy and harm reduction implementation.

Monitored Focus Areas

  • Participation of Civil Society Organisations in policymaking
  • Essential Harm Reduction Services
  • Hepatitis C
  • Overdose Prevention
  • Highlights in New Drug Trends
  • COVID-19 and Harm Reduction


More info

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